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Testimonials from clients we have helped ...

Tracey Roberts - Azure Restaurant - Puerto Calero November 2010

My husband and I were in the process of relocating to Fuerteventura to the point where we had already placed a deposit on a business which we both loved, when one day my husband decided just to see what was going on over the water. He saw a few businesses advertised through Businesses for sale and instantly enquired about a number of them. That very same day we received a reply from Chris at Business Finder Lanzarote who not only gave us the information we required on these businesses but he also gave us an insight into the buying process out in Lanzarote. The information we received in that one email from Chris was more information than we had received from the agent in Fuerteventura over the last couple of months.

From that initial email, we decided to get the ferry over from Fuerteventura to have a look at some of the businesses that Chris was suggesting. We telephoned Chris who unfortunately that morning was busy with clients, but he informed us that he could meet us later that afternoon if we were available. We agreed and later that afternoon we went to see a number of businesses. We couldn't fault any of those businesses we had seen but they were all very similar to the one we had paid a deposit on over the water. It was getting late that day and Chris suggested we went to get something to eat, we went to a lovely restaurant and chatted about all the businesses we had seen, then Chris suggested a long shot in Puerto Calero. At the time we were thinking that this was not really us, but we were prepared to go and have a look. We arranged to view the property the following afternoon as Chris was busy with other clients, so with time on our hands we decided to go down that morning and have a look for ourselves. As soon as we got there we were both taken aback with the beauty of the area and couldn't believe we had not previously considered the area. Later that afternoon we met with Chris as agreed and went down to officially view the business and meet with the owner.

We instantly felt at home, and as the meeting went on we could see ourselves running this business. A few coffee's later and the meeting ended, we went back to our hotel with Chris, where we could discuss our options. It didnt take us long to decide that we were much happier with the Restaurant in Puerto Calero, so instantly made the move to forget about Fuerteventura, and put our plans in motion for the restaurant over here.

We had all legal paperwork to complete, and even at times when we were getting cold feet Chris was there to support us even at the crack of dawn. Believe it or not it was only 3 weeks from the day we sent our first email to Chris, to the day where we officially became owners of this amazing restaurant. We thank Chris and his family (including his two wonderful daughters)for all the help and support he gave us, we couldn't have done this without them, and we wish them every success for the future.

Ken Palmer and Linda Morris - Rent a Bike Puerto Del Carmen May 2011

We first contacted Chris at Business Finder Lanzarote in February 2011, at the time we were living in Thailand and were looking to move over to the Canaries. From the moment we first contacted them they were able to provide us with the help and advice that instantly made us feel relaxed. From the first day of contact up until us coming out here to view the business in Early March we had numerous phone calls and emails keeping us up to date with everything that was going on.

When we came out in March we were given an insight as to life out here in Lanzarote, and even introduced to Chris' family which at the time we found unusual, but still it was a nice touch. We only had a few days out in Lanzarote before returning back to Thailand but in that time we not only had numerous meetings regarding the business but Chris had also set up a number of appointments to find us somewhere to live. We found our ideal property in Tias and were all set to move. Whilst we were back in Thailand we received a call from the agent who was dealing with the property we were about to live in saying that the owners had decided against it, meaning that we had to find some where else to live, which is quite difficult when your living over the other side of the world. Chris spent hours looking for properties even viewing them on our behalf, when one day he contacted us to say he thought he had found us an ideal property, he took some photo's and forwarded them on to us. We agreed it looked nice, but had to take his word on it.

We officially took over the business on the 1st May 2011, however at that point we were still living in Thailand, Chris as usual was there to offer his help and support and kept an eye on things until we were able to arrive. We landed on Lanzarote at 11pm on the 17th of May, we telephoned Chris to let him know we were here and he actually left his family to greet us at our house that night not only with the keys to the property but also some basic provisions to get us started as at that time the shops were obviously closed.

We cannot thank Chris and his family enough for the help and support we received before during and after we moved out here, and we thank them for making the move as smooth as possible, and their continued support since that day.

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