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Every month in our business we receive hundreds of emails from clients based all over the world interested in buying a business or relocating to this small island of Lanzarote. Less than ten years ago that would not have been expected or probably even possible so what has changed? The advent of the internet has surely something to do with it!

It is now possible for any business whether it is a bar, shop, mini-golf, restaurant or any other small business to give themselves a presence to the whole world. Whatever your message you can potentially reach the 1,596,270,108 internet users throughout the world (data provided by Nielsen Online) or 23.8% of the world’s population.

That just sound’s too easy doesn’t it! Well as you will know (as an internet user right now) that your experience online is always based on a number of decisions you make when you open your browser. What are you looking for? Who do you trust to point you in the right direction?

The first of the two questions allow you to visit a website that you have previously already selected or will suggest that you search for what you are looking for. The second of the two questions will mean that you already have a trusted source of information (i.e. a website you already know or have been recommended to visit) or you will use a search engine such as google, ask, yahoo (and others) to point you in the right direction and you will trust that the search engine knows where you need to go.

Now STOP for a second if I introduced you to a friend of mine and told you that he knew the perfect answer to every question you could ask, that you only ever needed to ask my friend any question I am sure you would be suspicious. However search engines are clever machines that are constantly reading the internet for you to help answer your question whatever that might be.

So back to Business Finder Lanzarote that we set up to sell businesses on the island of Lanzarote. We need people that are using the internet (23.8% of the world’s population and growing) to find me if that is what they are looking for or even if they are just thinking of relocating to Lanzarote. That is where my website in the middle of the 1 trillion websites (Google indexed in 2008) sits in the middle of a large ocean ironically just like Lanzarote. Just like people had to hear and still have to hear about Lanzarote I need to market my website and my company on the internet for people to find.

I am no computer expert and definitely not a web designer and so I know what I need to achieve (get found online) and so the only way for me to make this possible is to work with a web design company that will use their expertise to make this possible. As a company we selected Gandy-Draper although having previous experience with them from a former project my own searches found them at the top of my search lists (always important to phrase your search more than once I find) again proving that they have the knowledge to market my business in the same way.

The importance of marketing my business in Lanzarote online was clear but marketing your own business might not be so clear. So in my second article I give the importance of marketing your business in Lanzarote online a few pointers. To read this article click here …Why Use Web-Marketing In Lanzarote


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