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Some helpful advice to help you buy your business in Lanzarote


It is always good to remember that not only us but our partners all made the move over to the island ourselves at some point or another and so we understand how tough it can be. Moving to a foreign country comes with lots of questions you not only WANT but NEED answers to. There are lots of ways to find out these answers and as experts in commercial sales here in Lanzarote and indeed as the only commercial estate agency in Lanzarote we have put together these buyers guides based on frequently asked questions!

We offer a very personal service at Business Finder Lanzarote and will not attempt to pressure you in any way to make a decision to purchase whilst here or after any trip over to Lanzarote. We believe very strongly that you should decide yourself in your own time after careful consideration and often discussions with your friends and family.

Should you decide at any point to proceed with a purchase through us then you will need to agree a purchase price for the business with the vendor, we will then prepare a simple "option" contract/reservation agreement which will be written in English, which once signed and received by our office with your deposit will secure the business for you. The contract will contain the business name and business details as well as any conditions that you have agreed during the negotiation stage, the vendors details and of course a completion date. The deposit is usually 10% of the business price with a minimum of €5000 to be placed in our dedicated client account.

The contract that we create is there to protect you and will be ratified (signed) by the vendor to ensure that the business is removed from public sale for the duration of the contract to allow you to complete the purchase. Should any problems occur that cannot be resolved to stop the business being sold to you then you will receive your deposit returned to you in full.

Your appointed Gestoria (fiscal advisor) or appointed lawyer will then work with us and the vendor to ensure the rental contract or title deeds are in order, licences or licence applications are in place, services and taxes are paid up to date. Should there be any outstanding costs or debts then these monies will be deducted from the negotiated price and placed with you, your Gestoria or your lawyer and the balance will be paid to the vendor.

There are many costs to consider as well as the cost of the business and we have included a guide to these costs in our anticipated costs of buying a business in Lanzarote section amongst these buyers guides. With any particular offer you choose to make we can help calculate these costs much more accurately in relation to your actual transaction just ask and we can help prepare that with you!

Although our office is purely involved with the sale of commercial property in Lanzarote be assured that our residential and other partners will be on hand when you return to Lanzarote to help find you somewhere to live (whether you are looking for a long-term rental in Lanzarote or to purchase property here), shipping your goods over to the island, set up with identity (both fiscal or resident), assistance with getting children in to schools and everything else that you may require. We work this way to ensure that we can offer you undivided attention with the assistance of your business purchase to ensure you get off to a flying start whatever you are doing here.

Our after-sales service is a free service that we offer to anyone purchasing a business through us and includes introductions to local reputable tradesmen in Lanzarote, introduction or set up with Lanzarote suppliers (including often hefty discounts or free stock for business opening) and any other help that we can do to help settle you in to your new business here. Our assistance for our buyers never stops and whether you choose to use us on day one or in several years time we will always point you in the right direction.

If our helpful guides to buy a business in Lanzarote haven't answered your question then drop it on an email to us and we will of course let you know. Do come back and check these articles as we keep them updated with the latest information and of course are always adding new content as well. You will find all of these articles on the menu to the left or by clicking on any of the links below. We used to have a login for some of our buyers guides but as commercial experts in Lanzarote have decided to make this information freely available to you to demonstrate not only our knowledge but commitment to you as potential buyers to truly help you when buying a bar, restaurant, shop or other business for sale in Lanzarote.

If there is an asterisk (*) then you will need to register with us to read that particular article our registration form can be found here - register with Business Finder Lanzarote - or by going to the tab Register at the top of this page.

Here are the latest guides to help when buying a business in Lanzarote:

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If our buyers guides don't answer your question and you want to know more then just call us (0034) 608 652 717 or email us now!

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